Push Notification Marketing for Web and Mobile

Define your promotional strategy with our push notification, get message in front of your potential customers.

Push notification marketing is putting the product in front of the customer at the point of purchase.
This type of marketing strategy minimizes the amount of time between a customer discovering a product and buying that product.

The Right Message, at the Right Time.

Push notifications are becoming a key strategy to keep your users engaged. We provide Mechanical and Behavioral push functionality. You will send messages when users opt-in to notifications for specific types of topics like Breaking News, Promo push, Price drop and you send a personalized message based on past activity someone has done like Shopping cart abandonment or Back in stock.

Tailored push notifications to help you maximise your sales

Cart abandonment

Push notifications to users who have abandoned their shopping carts. Provide more opportunities to complete sale.

Wish lists

Let your customers create wish-lists and receive notifications when product is back in stock or price drop.

Discount and Promo

Push notifications with special discount code, latest deals and newest products to your entire network.

Push Notification

Push notifications let you notify a customer of new messages or events even when the customer is not actively using your application.

On mobile devices, when a device receives a push notification, your application's icon and a message appear in the status bar.

When an end user taps or clicks the Notifications, a personalized view opens, so you can reach your customers instantly.


Push notifications are one of the most valuable capabilities of native apps, and this capability is now available on the web.

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Push Notification works on all Android devices, that produces quick results and makes clear statements to your customers.

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Push Notification works on all Apple devices, message that pops up on a mobile device. You can configure and send it any time.

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