Save you time and effort

Push Notification Analytics provides more insight into what happens after you start your campaign. Push Notification Analytics provides our customers powerful tools to execute brilliant push campaigns.

The new analytics functionality is not only limited to push notifications, you can also monitor app opens from within the analytics dashboard. We give you much more than open/action rates. You can track any business goal: revenue, purchases, cart additions and more. It's very important to understand the impact of every push notification you send.



Works across all devices

We provide a unique Dashboard with reports:

  • Pushes Report
  • Total Subscribers
  • Click Rate
  • Delivered Rate
  • And more..

Track the number of messages sent, opened and clicked. Measure your send/open/action rate and see how your campaign performance improves over time as you become more effective in engaging customers.

Our analytics answers your questions about how users engage with what you build. Scalable. Instant and simple to implement.